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Patent Rights at Blue Spring Surgery Center in Orange City, FL

The following list of patient rights is not intended to be all inclusive. Patients receiving care at our general surgery center have a right to:

At the surgery facility

The staff will ask you to sign an Informed Consent form. What is informed consent? Informed consent means that you know how your condition will be treated. It means that you agree to the operation or treatment. It means that you understand the risks, That you know about other treatments available to you. And that you know what can happen if you aren't treated.

Read it carefully it lists:

For your safety, the staff may ask you the same question many times. They will ask:

Before your surgery

A health care professional will mark the spot on your body to be operated on. Make sure they mark only the correct part and nowhere else. This helps avoid mistakes. Marking usually happens when you are awake. Sometimes you cannot be awake for the marking. If this happens, a family member or friend or another health care worker can watch the marking. They can make sure that your correct body part is marked. Your neck, upper back, or lower back will be marked if you are having spine surgery. The surgeon will check the exact place on your spine in the operating room after you are asleep. Ask your surgeon if they will take a "time out" just before your surgery. This is done to make sure they are doing the right surgery on the right body part on the right person.

After your surgery

Tell your doctor or nurse about your pain. Hospitals and other surgical facilities that are accredited by The Joint Commission must help relieve your pain.

Blue Spring Surgery Center’s patients may request a more personalized estimate of charges and other information from our facility and other health care providers. Always contact your health care practitioner to insure that they participate within our network.

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